Inventory Control



Speed up finding information and streamline updates

Improve inventory selections and data processing speeds Query current inventory for seasonality, freshness, and other customer requirements. Automatically track inventory balances, lots, and product line information. Extensive reporting to analyze and control your inventory with features that can be selected individually for each item. All balances are updated real-time.

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Inventory Control's pricing system offers seemingly unlimited functionality with processes that allow for multiple item price codes, pricing schedules, automatic posting of update prices and more. Increase control on your inventory via tracking of separate items, their quantity and location as well as the source and destination of product movement in and out of your warehouse.


Enables “repacking” of inventory items into different sellable units of measure. Inventory History Provides 36-month inventory sales/usage history complete with graphs

Cross Module accountability and tracking

Inventory balances are automatically updated with information from Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Accounts Receivable.

Additional features

  • Reporting
  • Multiple Price Codes Per Item and Customer
  • PTI Tracking
  • Specific Customer Prices
  • Real-Time Status Updates